Google Assistant is testing voice payment

In recent times, google Assistant Smart Assistant has seen a number of useful features. A few days ago, for example, on World Accessibility Day, the company launched an app called Action Blocks that lets users access general settings and other accessibility features. The latest news is that the search giant is testing google Assistant’s new Voice Shopping Confirmation feature, which is available to a small number of users.

Google Assistant is testing voice payment

Interested friends can find the enable switch under the Google App – more – Settings – – – – – Personal – Pay” item, or view it on the Google Assistant Help page.

Once set up, you’ll see a screen screen that includes options such as the default payment method, billing address, and more. While payment confirmation schemes based on passwords, fingerprints or facial recognition are nothing new, voice payment is extremely rare.

Android Police points out that Google’s Voice Confirmation payment feature, which has not yet turned on all products, is currently limited to in-app purchases and restaurant orders, not purchases of home products (Google Shopping).

In addition, Google has confirmed that the feature is primarily for smart speakers and display devices with Google Assistant voice assistant enabled. Given that such devices often do not integrate fingerprint scanners or facial recognition features, voice payments can really help users save users a lot of trouble.

Finally, while it’s unclear when Google intends to push the new feature to its public, we expect to learn more about the Android 11 Beta launch, which will be released on June 3.