VW’s Emissions Gate case was awarded 28,000 euros in damages and 60,000 similar cases.

Despite the multibillion-dollar cost of volkswagen’s emissions gate, the matter is far from over. Germany’s top civil court has ruled that Volkswagen will have to pay Herbert Gilbert 28,000 euros ($217,800) in compensation,media reported.

VW's Emissions Gate case was awarded 28,000 euros in damages and 60,000 similar cases.

Herbert Gilbert is understood to have bought a diesel version of Charon in Germany in 2014 and took the Volkswagen Group to court after the “emissiongate” outbreak, a ruling that also meant the group lost the case.

To make VW’s cases even more difficult, there are about 60,000 similar prosecutions in Germany, and the decision of Germany’s highest civil court is set to “make a difference” for those cases, which the group will face.

“Today we make history. Klaus Goldstein, who attended the hearing, said: “This ruling means that the rights of millions of consumers in Germany are guaranteed and prove once again that even big companies cannot go unpunished. “

It is worth mentioning that he also suggested that other German owners who had purchased “emission gate-related” vehicles refer to the case and bring the case to court.

Just days ago, German prosecutors sued Herbert Diess, Volkswagen Group’s chief executive, and Pan Shi, the chairman of the supervisory board, over the emissions-gate incident, saying they had failed to disclose information to investors in a timely manner in the wake of the Emissions Gate incident and were suspected of manipulating the market.

Volkswagen has agreed to pay 9 million euros (about 70 million yuan) to settle with German prosecutors to avoid the two executives being indicted.

It is reported that so far, VOLKSWAGEN has lost about 31.3 billion euros (about 245 billion yuan) because of the “emissiongate” incident. Volkswagen expects losses caused by “emissions gates” to continue until 2021.