Samsung Folding Phone Waterproof Patent Exposure: Or for Galaxy Fold 2

Samsung is expected to launch its next-generation Fold phone, the Galaxy Fold 2, in the second half of this year, with the SM-F916 model,media reported. Samsung’s first folding phone, the Galaxy Fold, is known to be Samsung’s most expensive phone ever, but it’s not waterproof. Its moving parts make it necessary to form connection holes, making it difficult to be waterproof. Still, Samsung will release a new waterproof folding phone in the near future.

Samsung Folding Phone Waterproof Patent Exposure: Or for Galaxy Fold 2

Samsung Folding Phone Waterproof Patent Exposure: Or for Galaxy Fold 2

On November 13, 2019, Samsung Electronics filed a patent with WIPO (World Intellectual Property Office) for an “electronic device that includes a waterproof structure”. The patent, which was officially released on May 22, 2020, details how Samsung achieves the waterproofing of folding-screen phones. This waterproof structure protects the components inside the housing from dust and water.

The collapsible phone has several connection holes, including those around the hinge structure, and can prevent liquids from entering the housing by using a waterproof element placed in a specific location in the housing. This document details which components will be used to make the device waterproof.

While Samsung’s efforts to make folding phones waterproof are admirable, the impact of IP ratings on retail prices remains to be seen. Manufacturers such as OnePlus and Xiaomi deliberately don’t give smartphones dust and water resistance, mainly because higher IP ratings can lead to sharp price increases.

On the other hand, high-end Samsung Galaxy phones are IP68 certified. Therefore, waterproofing will be an important selling point for Samsung folding-screen phones.

Samsung Folding Phone Waterproof Patent Exposure: Or for Galaxy Fold 2

The patent shows that the display size of the new generation of folding-screen phones is different from that of the first-generation folding phones. It has a narrow elongated display, but is only used for notifications.

Some think the new generation of folding phones will have bigger displays, while others think the screens will be smaller to save money.

As a result, the Galaxy Fold 2 (or Galaxy Fold Lite) is also likely to hit the market at a cheaper price, which will undoubtedly have a boost to sales.

The data shows that the collapsible phone folds the size of a tablet and has an elongated groove in the top right, with two selfie cameras in the upper right corner. On the back of the phone, we can see a triple-arranged camera, similar to the Galaxy Fold. The third lens is the most noticeable because it is square in shape, indicating that it is a telephoto lens with zoom function.

The top lens of the Galaxy Fold is an ultra-wide-angle lens with a wide-angle lens in the middle. At the bottom is a 12-megapixel telephoto zoom lens with a “only” 2x optical zoom.

Notably, Samsung has released the Galaxy S20 Ultra with 10x hybrid zoom, and the Galaxy Note 20 Plus is expected to have such a large zoom range. As a result, the Galaxy Fold 2 may also be equipped with such a zoom lens.

Samsung Folding Phone Waterproof Patent Exposure: Or for Galaxy Fold 2

Typically, the Samsung Note series will be released around August, and the Galaxy Fold 2 is likely to be released in conjunction with the Galaxy Note 20 series. This year’s release may be delayed due to the outbreak, but Samsung will launch several high-end smartphones later this year.

Rumor has it that the Galaxy Fold 2 will also be equipped with the S-Pen, which, like the Note smartphone, is also known on the Internet as the Galaxy Note Fold.

The big question is whether Samsung will actually have all of the new features on the Galaxy Fold 2.

There are no more details about Galaxy Fold 2, but more configuration information will be released over time.