Intel’s next generation of low-power CPUs is in China: 10nm? 14nm?

The name Atom is rarely mentioned today, but it has been active in the low-power sector, using two classic brands, Pentium and Celeron. Under the roadmap, Intel plans two low-power products, Elkhart Lake and Jasper Lake, which have now been sold by Chinese manufacturers.

Unsurprisingly, Elkhart Lake and Jasper Lake will adopt the new Tremont CPU architecture, the 11th generation nuclear display architecture, which has officially been confirmed as a 10nm process, to be released this year.

The former, which was never officially mentioned, was initially thought to be 10nm, but later revealed to be 14nm, just like the 14nm Comet-U and 10nm Ice Lake-U relationshiponon on the thin book, supplemented by insufficient 10nm process performance, providing more core and higher frequencies.

Intel's next generation of low-power CPUs is in China: 10nm? 14nm?

Intel's next generation of low-power CPUs is in China: 10nm? 14nm?

IC and electronic components trading platform on the core city, Elkhart Lake processor has been blatantly out to sell, manufacturing process and label 10nm, so it can be quite chaotic, although do not rule out the possibility of business labeling errors, but other parameters have a pattern.

According to the introduction, Elkhart Lake processor as an entry-level low-power product, really uses Themont CPU architecture, 11 generation core display, support for up to three screen output, can be three HDMI or three Display Display, with DisplayPort Re-Timer retimer can be as late as 8K/30Hz, 5K/60Hz high resolution.

According to the merchant, the Elkhart Lake processor has 2 cores, 4 cores (high probability no hyperthreading), the frequency is not known, the thermal design power consumption 6W, 9W, 12W three grades, BGA integrated package size 35 x 24 mm, core temperature -40 degrees C to 85 degrees C.

It is also divided into embedded, industrial versions, the main difference is that the former maximum tolerance ambient temperature of 105 degrees C, the latter is 110 degrees C, the lowest is -40 degrees C.

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