Google reopens offices on July 6th, initial attendance at 10%

May 27 (UPI) — Sundar Pichai, Google’s chief executive, sent a message to employees on Tuesday local time that the company plans to reopen its offices on July 6, according tomedia reports. Mr Pichai has previously said most of its employees will work remotely for the rest of 2020.

Google reopens offices on July 6th, initial attendance at 10%

In a blog post, Mr Pichai said employees would return to their posts in batches, with only about 10 per cent initially available, but the goal was to increase the proportion of returning employees to 30 per cent by September. Those who need to return to work will be notified by June 10.

For those who want to continue working from home, Google will offer them up to $1,000 in subsidies for office equipment and furniture, such as standing desks and ergonomic chairs, Mr. Pichai said.

Google is expanding its offices on a massive scale, including its sprawling headquarters in Mountain View, California. The company is also investing in a large park in San Jose, California, and renovating a building in New York City. Pichai said recently that remote work would not affect the projects. Even after the outbreak, Google will provide more flexibility in its remote work choices.

Google is more vocal about employees returning to the office, while other tech giants recommend permanent telecommuting. Mr Pichai’s speech to employees came just days after Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s chief executive, said the company would allow some employees to work permanently from home. And over the next five to 10 years, about half of Facebook’s employees may be telecommuting.

Twitter issued a similar statement earlier this month. Last week, its chief executive, Jack Dorsey, extended the policy to Square, another of his mobile payments companies.