JK Rowling announces free online release of new book The Ickabog

On Tuesday, Harry Potter author JK Rowling announced on Twitter that she would release her new book, “The Ickabog,” online on May 26, local time,media reported. The writer said she would post a free chapter on the Ickabog website every working day until June 10. Rowling said the new children’s fairy tale is not part of the Harry Potter series, it will happen in their own imagination.

JK Rowling announces free online release of new book The Ickabog

JK Rowling announces free online release of new book The Ickabog

“The Ickabog is a story about truth and abuse of power. First, answer the obvious question: the idea came to my mind more than a decade ago, so it’s not going to be interpreted as a response to anything that’s happening in the world. These themes are timeless and apply to any age or country. “

Rowling says that when she wrote Harry Potter, she had the idea of creating new fairy tales. But instead of publishing the book, Rowling shared it with her children, who lived in her attic for ten years. Now, she hopes to share the story with children who are isolated from home around the world.

Rowling says the book is perfect for reading aloud and for children aged seven to nine. The Ickabog will be published online in English, but Rowling plans to translate it into other languages soon.

In addition to the book, Rowling will host a children’s illustration competition for The Ickabog. Although the writer shares her own suggestions for painting on her personal website, she encourages contestants to use their creativity. The winnerwill will appear in an e-book published in November.

Parents and guardians can post their children’s paintings on Twitter with the hashtag “TheIckabog.”

In November, “The Ickabog” will be published in the form of physical books, e-books and audiobooks. Rowling said the royalties for “Ickabog” would help communities affected by the new corona virus pandemic. More details about the donation are expected to be released later this year.