WHO warns of second wave of new corona outbreaks if not cautious

Shortly after the start of the new coronavirus pandemic, health experts began warning of a possible second wave of outbreaks in the fall,media reported. Each country responds to the pandemic in a different way, but if any of these countries reopens too quickly and relaxes the guidelines they have set to protect their own people, another spike in infection may soon be over.

WHO warns of second wave of new corona outbreaks if not cautious

Dr. Mike Ryan, Executive Director of the World Health Organization’s Health Emergency Programme, noted in an online briefing that while the number of cases is declining in many countries, cases are still rising in Central America, South America, South Asia and Africa. He also stressed once again that epidemics are often a wave, and that countries with declining infection rates could see another wave later this year. But as he explains, if we relax too quickly on key health and social measures, this second wave may not have to wait too long.

Dr Ryan warns: “When we talk traditionally about a second pandemic, what we usually mean is that the disease itself will have the first wave and then relapse a few months later. For many countries, this may be a reality in a few months. But we also need to recognize that the disease can suddenly appear at any time. We can’t assume that the disease is going to continue to decline just because it’s falling, and we need a few months to prepare for a second outbreak. We could see a second peak in this wave. “

In this regard, Ryan recommended that Countries in Europe and North America continue to implement public health and social measures, monitoring measures, testing measures and comprehensive strategies to ensure that they remain on the downward trajectory and that there will be no immediate second spikes.

With millions of Americans filing for unemployment benefits, it’s only a matter of time before state governments start doing what they can to revive the economy, but some states are desperate to fully recover the economy without any plans. A new study estimates that 24 U.S. states now have an uncontrolled new coronal outbreak, and most are still functioning, as if they had emerged from the health crisis. And this will obviously be the trigger for the second peak.