Several high school students in Georgia tested positive for new coronavirus after graduation party

Several recent graduates at a private high school in Atlanta, Georgia, have tested positive for the new coronavirus about a week after their graduation ceremony,media BGR reported. Although the graduates were restricted from leaving the car throughout the graduation ceremony, students who initially tested positive told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution (AJC) that they had then hosted a graduation party for friends and family.

Several high school students in Georgia tested positive for new coronavirus after graduation party

After several students tested positive for the new corona virus, a school spokesman sent the following message to AJC:

During the graduation ceremony, students and their families were confined to cars, and the only participants in the march were about 75 school employees who cheered graduates along the campus’s roads. None of the other activities mentioned are approved by the school, so we have no further information.

Part of the official statement of the university reads as follows:

Because we are committed to helping the Lovett community stay healthy, we want to let you know that the school has been notified by the families of several 2020 graduates who tested positive for COVID-19. Unfortunately, the infection of the COVID-19 virus means that most communities will be touched at some point, and we recognize how difficult separation and missing milestones can be for students’ emotional lives. The families of students diagnosed with the COVID-19 virus are working with appropriate health care providers and health authorities.

Georgia was the first state in the United States to restart non-essential economic activity. About a month ago, Gov. Brian Kemp chose to allow non-essential businesses to resume operations. Kemp’s decision was widely criticized by Republican lawmakers. U.S. President Donald Trump disagreed with his approach at the time. “I want him to do what he thinks is right,” Trump said a few weeks ago, “but I don’t agree with what he’s doing.” I think it’s too early. “

It’s worth noting that the number of new coronavirus cases in Georgia hasn’t risen sharply since Kemp’s reboot took effect about four weeks ago. At the same time, the number of new coronavirus cases in the state has not declined in the past month.