Doug Rieman will direct TheTOngo Space Films And Co-stars who co-starred in “The Edge of Tomorrow.”

Not long ago we reported that Tom Cruise was going to make a movie in space, and recently the film was about to receive new news, which will be directed by Doug Rieman, director of “The Edge of Tomorrow” and “Spy 1.” According to multiplemedia reports, Doug Rieman has written the first draft script for the project, and he and Artongo are old partners.

According to the IMDb website, the film is the moon park that broke out in 2015. The film tells the story of a group of scientists who built the space station defected and stole space equipment to find a way to get an energy source to the moon.

It is reported that Atongo will then carry out relevant training. “Spy 7” has not yet resumed filming, “Strong Zhiling Yun 2” after the release of certainly need to do publicity, so this space film has to wait for some time. Looking forward to artongo to bring more good works!