Google Chrome redesigns Privacy and Security pages

The Chromium team redesigned Chrome’s Privacy Settings or The Privacy and Security Settings card in Chrome 80. The card has been simplified to show the “Clear Browsing Data” at the top, “Site Settings” and “Sync” and “Google Services” sections, while other options are hidden in the “More” button.

Currently, the configuration interface called “Privacy Settings Redesign” in chrome 80 Canary offers a new user interface with a privacy settings card that can be enabled by visiting the chrome/flags page.

Google Chrome redesigns Privacy and Security pages

Typically, Privacy and Security Settings is located under the “Advanced” section and provides the following settings: Sync and Google services, where you can log in to Chrome, send a “don’t track” request, check payment methods, preload pages, manage certificates, website preferences, and clear browsing data.

Google Chrome redesigns Privacy and Security pages

Now open the chrome/flags page for the latest version of Home Canary 80.0.3967.0 or later, enable the “Privacy Settings Redesign” flag, and you’ll see some changes on the Chrome settings page:

Privacy and Security in the Settings menu has been moved from Advanced to Basic, and the Privacy and Security tab now displays only the first four lines and provides more options under the More button:

Clear browsing data

Website settings

Synchronized with Google services.

Old Privacy and Security Settings Chrome

The Chrome development team described the new changes as making it more prominent and easy to use.

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