Study finds Gosher disease drug can fight new coronavirus

Israel’s Defense Ministry said in a statement on the 26th, its affiliated Israeli Institute of Biology found that two drugs used to treat Goshey’s disease can effectively resist the new coronavirus. Gosche disease is a perched recessive genetic disease, the main cause of which is the inability of cells to synthesize a substance called glucose encephaloside prosase, which in turn causes abnormal lipid metabolism, swelling of the liver and spleen, and may even affect the nervous system.

Study finds Gosher disease drug can fight new coronavirus

Gosche disease data map

The Israel Institute of Biology tested Cerdelga, a drug approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for the treatment of Gosche’s disease, and another treatment being approved.

It was found that the two drugs could greatly reduce the ability to replicate the new coronavirus. The virus replication can damage infected human cells, causing cell death, while reducing the virus’s ability to replicate prevents cell damage, the statement said. The institute is currently conducting animal experiments to test the effectiveness of the drug on animals.

Previous studies have found that in animal trials, the two drugs are effective against other strains of the virus, such as the flu virus and West Nile virus. The Israel Institute of Biology says this is further evidence that they can also treat other viral diseases.

The findings have been published online in the Archives of Biology in the United States.