Electric car experts: No car maker can challenge Tesla

May 27 news, according tomedia reports, in recent years, the hot electric vehicles, the emerging car manufacturer Tesla is leading the industry, they have successfully mass-produced Model S, Model X, Model 3 and other electric vehicles, but also launched electric pickup trucks and electric trucks, have received a large number of orders, is currently preparing mass production, last year’s production and delivery of electric vehicles both exceeded 300,000 vehicles.

Electric car experts: No car maker can challenge Tesla

“Young” Tesla now has no challengers for electric cars, an electric car expert said recently.

It’s Sandy Munro, a well-known electric car advocate who says no other automakers can challenge Tesla right now, who spoke highly of Tesla in a half-hour-long question-and-answer session in which he said he didn’t think automakers could challenge Tesla.

Sandy Munro’s high praise for Tesla is not unfounded. In the past two months, he has dismantled a Tesla Model Y that began delivering in March, the first time independent engineers have disassembled a new Tesla electric car. And Sandy Munro, who has previously dismantled Tesla’s Model 3, knows the company’s electric cars well.

Notably, Tesla’s technology in electric cars is also considered an industry leader by competitors and analysts.

Peter Rawlinson, CEO of electric car maker Lucid Motors, has previously said Tesla’s lead in electric vehicles is expanding. Last month, an analyst said Tesla, which already has an edge in electric cars, could extend its lead as a result of the outbreak. One Ford engineer had previously argued that Tesla was five years ahead of the industry in technology and engineering in battery and high-voltage electronics, as well as its ability to harness those technologies.