Former Windows executive defends Microsoft’s war on open source

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has described Linux as a cancer, and Brad Smith, Microsoft’s president, recently said Microsoft was on the wrong side of history. Steven Sinofsky, a former Windows executive, wrote a book that provides more context for this history.

Sinofsky points out that Microsoft’s hostility to open source was understandable, because Microsoft’s business model was to sell software, it was based on the principle that software is an intellectual property right, the network distribution did not exist, the distribution of software is costful, Microsoft’s business model is different from Google’s advertising-based software cloud distribution, but also different from Apple’s hardware and software bundles.

Microsoft’s model was upended by software-as-a-service, and it embraced the open source model when microsoft moved from Windows PC to Azure and cloud-based office software.                     

Former Windows executive defends Microsoft's war on open source