iOS 14 Detail Exposure With multiple “Android” features

Although it’s still a long way from the release date of iOS 14, a number of hackers and researchers have leaked versions of iOS 14 since February. The most important thing is that unlike the only screenshots or clips that have been leaked in the past few years, the entire version is out.

According to reports, there are already some people on the iOS 14 iPhone 11 developer, from the user’s experience report to see that the changes in iOS 14 is multi-faceted, in addition to animation will change, the entire interaction logic, UI performance will have a certain adjustment, and compared with previous versions of iOS, iOS 14 is definitely a “big innovation.”

The first is a change at the desktop level, with the news that iOS 14 will discard the completely tiled arrangement of past icons and introduce “widgets” similar to Android plug-ins. Since the underlying code of the system has confirmed this change, it should not be a problem to apply to the official version of iOS 14.

The second notable feature is the Card Caller ID feature, although it is already common on Android phones. But this feature can still solve a lot of love to play the game of iPhone users pain point, after all, playing the game when a single caller directly occupy the entire screen experience is extremely unfriendly.

In general, iOS 14 also includes support for Apple Pencil, AR App and third-party app pre-installed, third-party wallpaper pack support, and so on, but these small feature points don’t bring much surprise compared to the previous revelations. But every major version of iOS has changed dramatically, and I believe it will bring a better experience when iOS 14 is launched in September.