Winter is coming: WM  Motor introduces diesel heaters to boost electric car performance

WM  Motor  recently released its thermal management system 2.0. The thermal management system is different from the traditional car company’s own battery power to heat the power battery pack, but through the external diesel internal combustion engine to provide a heat source, the battery and the interior air conditioning system heating. You know, when winter arrives, electric cars can be said to be an immediate admission. First of all, its battery discharge will drop, especially if the air conditioning is to be heated, the end of the range field immediately shortened by 20-30%, which is why most car owners in the winter would rather freeze in the car  than open air conditioning.

In addition, due to the reduction of external temperature, the activity inside the battery also began to decrease, the result is a longer charging time, charging power will also decrease. Summer is filled with an hour, and winter is extended by at least an hour, greatly affecting the car owner’s experience.

Winter is coming: Waymar introduces diesel heaters to boost electric car performance

At present, most electric car brands on the market have their own winter battery heat management system. The principle is generally to heat the battery through its own battery charge. But such disadvantages, resulting in the vehicle’s range is further shortened, cold state, its own battery activity is not high, but also the use of large currents to heat the battery, will lose a lot of electrical energy.

WM  Motor , on the other hand, has taken a different approach by introducing an external diesel internal combustion engine to heat the battery pack, and the diesel heater and the body’s own electric heating system coexist. However, this is only for the battery pack heating, and in order to completely solve the driver winter dare not open air conditioning embarrassing situation, the diesel heating system also heating the interior environment, thus avoiding the use of battery heating through the owner, resulting in a reduction in the range of the situation.

Currently, the WM  Motor battery thermal management system 2.0 is already on the WM EX5 520 model, while the subsequent launch of the WM EX6 will also be carried. And diesel mailbox volume is also increased to 10L, extreme cold weather conditions can meet the user’s half-month use needs.

WM  Motor’s new car delivery performance is not as good as Nio, Xpeng and other new car manufaturers, but its market growth momentum is currently the most intense. And the emerging car-building enterprises, different from the traditional car enterprises conservative, in the research and development of innovative technology and application, the performance is very efficient. At least to solve the thorny issue of winter battery heat management, WM  Motor delivered a satisfactory answer.

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