Google is launching a new interface settings menu for Gmail to see the results in real time

Google has now launched a new quick settings menu that makes it easy for users to make changes to Gmail’s messaging interface, including changes to inbox type, density, reading pane location or theme. Until then, to change the Gmail inbox type, users need to access their settings interface, and to change the display density or theme of the Gmail interface, they need to tap the gear icon and select the options.

Google announced today in its G Suite update blog that it is adding a new quick settings menu to ease the pain of this back-and-forth settings: “We’re adding a quick settings menu to help you easily find and use different layouts, settings, and themes to make Gmail look and feel right for you.” “The animation shared from the blog post confirms that the gear icon has moved from its current position to the Google Apps launcher and support icon. Clicking on the icon displays the quick settings pane with a full set-up link for “View all settings.”

Google is launching a new interface settings menu for Gmail to see the results in real time

Gmail’s quick settings menu allows users to:

Change density from default to comfortable or compact

Select a theme from the displayed topic.

Select the inbox type and adjust the reading pane position

Disable or enable conversational views.

Gmail Quick Settings menu on the right

When an option is selected, your inbox is updated as soon as you reflect these changes.

When you click Settings, you’ll now see different interfaces, inbox types, and display options, and when you select an option, your inbox updates immediately so you can see how your settings work in real time.

The feature was launched on May 26 and could take up to 15 days for all Gmail users to be visible.

Watch the feature animation: