Intel Ten generation i5 play “sweepstakes”: two steps, brazing/silicon elito thermal mix

Intel officially released its 10th-generation desktop-class Core processor, code-named Comet Lake-S, late last month, with up to 32 models from the top-of-the-line Core i9 to entry-level Celeron, but it didn’t expect a hole in it and the i5 series to be a “sweepstakes.” According to the latest discovery, there are two different step-by-step versions of the 10th generation Core i5, one is Q0 and the first is G1.

The Q0 version is based on a complete 10 core chip (about 200 square millimeters), shielding four of them, using new thin chip manufacturing technology, reducing thickness, leaving more space for thermal materials, and using advanced brazing cooling, temperature, overclocking performance is better.

The G1 version is a native 6-core chip, almost identical to the previous nine-generation 6 core, with no thin chips, and a thermal material that is common silicone.

There are two methods of differentiation between the two step versions, one is to look at the distribution of components such as processor bottom capacitors, and the Q0 version is clearly divided into two regions.

But on the retail box, you can only see the front of the processor without opening it, so this method won’t work, it’s a second trick.

The second method is to look at the S-Spec number, printed on the front of the processor five letters and numbers, usually a combination of three letters, a number, a letter or a number, located in the next line of the product model, followed by the frequency label.

But the ten-generation Core i5 has six models, and the step-by-step version is divided into three scenarios:

the i5-10600K, i5-10600KF version s2 overclockable versions, all with only a more advanced Q0 step, S-Spec numbers are SRH6R, SRH6S, you can buy with confidence.

i5-10500, i5-10600 are only G1 steps, numbers are SRH3A, SRH37, buy also do not have to worry.

i5-10400, i5-10400F is complex, both steps have, of which Q0 step number is SRH79, SRH78, G1 step is SRH3D, SRH3C, to buy which may depend on luck, especially when online shopping.

Of course, there is no significant difference in the performance of the two step-forwards in theory, mainly heat and temperature.