Bezos responds to company’s job firing of live activist: for breach of internal rules

Amazon CEO and founder Jeff Bezos responded Wednesday to a series of dismissals of activistemployees by the company,media reported. Earlier, some, including a group of U.S. senators, were critical of the company’s firing. “We’re not firing anyone who talks openly about working conditions,” Bezos said Wednesday at Amazon’s virtual shareholder meeting.

Bezos responds to company's job firing of live activist: for breach of internal rules

“We support every employee’s right to criticize the working conditions of their employers, but that doesn’t mean they can’t comply with internal policies. But to be sure, you have the right to protest against working conditions, and we take that very seriously, and we have no problem with that at all. “

Amazon is reported to have fired six employees who publicly criticized the company this year. After his dismissal, several activists, including warehouse worker Christian Smalls and technology worker Maren Costa, have become the main vocalists in a campaign to improve working conditions at Amazon’s warehouses.

Although Amazon has repeatedly stressed before that the employees were fired because they violated different internal agreements, not because of their positive actions. Costa, for example, was fired for violating a company’s segregation order. Costa was understood to have been the leader of the activist group Amazon Employees for Climate Justice before he was fired. Still, nine U.S. senators expressed concern about the dismissals, and this month they wrote a letter to Bezos asking him to provide more information about them.

At the meeting, Bezos was also asked whether Amazon’s reputation would be damaged by its growing size and its scrutiny. He replied no. “I think the review will improve our reputation among our customers. It is perfectly normal for us to be censored. We want people to know the truth about Amazon and how we do good things on our scale, how hard we work, and how we will try to explain that. “

In fact, Bezos has often referred to this position in public statements in the past, saying that as an important big company, Amazon should be subject to intense scrutiny.

He was also asked if he thought a $119-a-year Prime membership was too expensive. “No,” Bezos replied, “we’re still pricing prime at a low price compared to the value we’re creating for our customers, and that’s our strategy.” “

In addition, in response to negative concerns that Amazon employees were sickened by the new corona virus, the company released a series of promotional videos at its shareholder meeting showing its job protecting employees and distributing products such as masks and disinfectants to them.