Time to use less pesticide : new report says 40% of insect species will be extinct.

A new study shows that 400,000 insects are facing extinction due to excessive pesticide use, foreign media reported. According to the latest report from the Wildlife Foundation, 40 percent of the 1 million known insect species have faced extinction since 1970 due to environmental damage and the spread of pesticides.

The less pesticide skilled new report says 40% of insect species will be extinct.

Twenty-three species of bee and wasp have died out in the last century, and pesticide use has almost doubled in the past 25 years. Insects are important to all ecosystems, as pollinators, as well as recyclers of food and nutrients from other organisms.

Insect population collapses have occurred in Germany and Puerto Rico, and a global scientific review published in February noted that a widespread decline in insects could lead to a “catastrophic collapse of natural ecosystems”.

Scientists point out that almost all farms can produce as much food as pesticides while drastically reducing their use, and that reducing pesticides will not affect most of the farm’s profits.

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