People who are active on social networks live longer, study finds in 12 million people

A study published in PNAS has revealed a link between social networking and health: people who are active on social networks live longer on average, according to foreign media reports. The researchers aggregated and analyzed data from 12 million Facebook users and those from the public health sector. The results showed that people who used Facebook lived longer than those who did not, and had a 12 percent lower risk of death in a given year than those who did not.

People who love to have a circle of friends live longer, study finds 12 million people

At the same time, the study analyzed the correlation between the number of death rates and the number of friend requests initiated and the number of friend requests received. The results showed that the more friend requests were received, the longer the life span, but the number of friend requests made was not significantly related to life.

The data also showed that the increase in the number of photo uploads was associated with a decrease in mortality for all major causes except suicide. Uploading photos shows that they have more face-to-face social activities.

Only online social interactions, such as writing messages and sending messages, showed a non-linear relationship with mortality.

The researchers said they had the lowest risk of death for people with higher levels of offline and moderate online social interaction.

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