Apple bought streaming rights for previous seasons of the show before launching the reboot of “Wonder-Time”

Apple bought the streaming rights to all of the show’s classic episodes before the reboot of “The Encounter” landed on Apple TV , marking a potential strategic shift after the service relied entirely on original content, according tomedia Outlet The Verge.

According to a press release, the new reboot of “The Encounter” was created in partnership with Jim Hansen and will bring the characters from the original series to “carry on the spirit of the classic version, showcasing new songs and adventures.” Apple didn’t mention the rights deal, but all 96 episodes that aired between 1983 and 1987 are now available on its streaming platform.

The reboot of “The Adventures” isn’t surprising; Apple cites the Fraggle Rock: Rock On! As evidence of interest in the show, it’s hard to prove it without Apple having yet to release ratings data. Still, having a well-known show like “The Odd Encounter” as part of its entertainment lineup makes sense for Apple.

It also makes sense to buy the rights to the show over the past few seasons. Apple’s bringing licensed content to Apple TV , which the company insists has not included in its original strategy — could help solve some streaming services problems. With this extra content, there are more reasons to stick to it than to rely on a small amount of content that is provided on the basis of original content. In addition, the introduction of recognizable franchise names will help Apple build its IP offerings, similar to what HBO Max, Disney and Peacock are doing.

The question is how far Apple’s acquisition strategy will go. Apple is interested in acquiring titles directly related to the new projects it is developing, according to new reports from Bloomberg and Vulture. As Josef Adalian reported on Vulture this week, with big studios such as Disney, Warner Media and NBCUniversal “wanting to keep the best and biggest pieces of work for their streaming platforms, and not having enough good work around them,” Apple has reason to buy traditional genuine content libraries. On the contrary, it makes more sense for Apple to buy the full content for the show it wants to reboot — putting all the content in one place and giving consumers a better experience.

“So if Apple ends up with a rights deal for the James Bond series (at least as hearsay has been going on since 2017), the company may also try to acquire a library of Bond films so that it can market itself as a home for 007,” Adalian wrote.

Apple CEO Tim Cook reiterated at its february shareholder meeting that Apple TV is not intended to play an old series or movie, especially if it is “not the purpose of Apple TV Plus.” Mr Cook reiterated that Apple TV Plus would “focus on original programming.” “It doesn’t feel right that Apple is replaying a play, it’s not like Apple’s style, ” says Mr Cook. “