Apple pushes “super bundles” next year to integrate multiple paid services

Foreign media today quoted multiple people familiar with the matter as saying that Apple is considering a “bundled subscription service” that will bundle paid Internet services such as news subscription service Apple News, streaming video service Apple TV Plus and music service Apple Music.

Apple plans to launch the service as early as 2020 in an effort to attract more subscribers, these people said. Currently, Apple TV Plus costs $5.99 per month, Apple Music is $9.99 a month, and Apple News Plus is $10 per month.

In fact, it was reported last month that Apple plans to launch “super bundles” that include services such as Apple Arcade Gaming Services, Apple Music, Apple News and Apple TV Plus. The latest evidence is that Apple has included a clause in its contract with publishers that allows it to bundle Apple’s News Plus subscription service with other paid digital services.

If Apple sells Apple News Plus as part of the Apple TV Plus and Apple Music bundles, publishers will get a smaller share because the cost of news services could be lower, these people said.

With the smartphone business stagnant, Apple is looking for growth by selling online subscriptions to news, music, video and other content. Industry insiders say bundling the products could help Apple attract more subscribers, just like Amazon’s Prime service.

In fact, Apple has been testing this practice recently. Recently, Apple began offering a free Apple TV subscription to Apple Music subscribers. But people familiar with the matter also point out that Apple’s plan could change given the complexity of such deals.

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