(Pictured) Chrome OS 83 Stable Release: Add Tag Groups To Name Virtual Desktop

Google today released a stable version of Chrome OS 83 after the release of Chrome 83 Stable on May 20. This version update mainly includes naming the virtual desktop, the choice of displaying passwords when logging in, using Google Assistant for multimedia sessions, tagging group features, and so on.

(Pictured) Chrome OS 83 Stable Release: Add Tag Groups To Name Virtual Desktop

Name a virtual desktop

Now you can name your virtual desktop to better organize your Chromebook. In Overview, click the virtual desktop name and enter a new name.

Show password when you sign in

When you sign in to your Chromebook, you can now display the password or PIN you entered by clicking on the “Show password” icon. This feature lets you check your password or PIN repeatedly before entering your Chromebook.

Media sessions with Assistant

Now you can control media sessions when you use Assistant. You can tell the assistant to perform actions such as Pause, Next, Continue, Stop, and so on.

To learn more about how to use Google Assistant on your Chromebook, visit the Explore Google Assistant section in the Help Center.

Use Google for Families on the ChromeBook

Families can now use the following new Google for Families features on Chromebooks. For more information, visit the “Use Google for Families” section in the Help Center.

Tag groups on Chrome

Tab groups in Chrome browsers can help you organize your tabs, which you can now use on Chrome OS. Now, with a simple right-click, you can group your tabs and label them with custom names and colors. Once the tabs are grouped, you can move and reorder on the tabs. This feature should be rolled out gradually over the next month.