NASA names Kuiper Belt Object to avoid controversy

NASA’s New Horizons probe used the remaining fuel to target another, farther-away, Kuiper Belt Object, after completing its trip to Pluto. The scientists in charge of the mission named Ultima Thule, which is the meaning of “the end of the far north” in ancient Greek and Roman legends, and although it is aptly named meaning, it has been controversial since its inception, as the Nazis used it as the birthplace of Aryan legend in the past and are still being used by the alternative right. The New Horizons team had previously said it did not want politics to get involved in science, but in order to avoid controversy, NASA decided to change its name to “Arrokoth”, which means “sky” in Powhatan/Algonquian Indian. NASA had also been recognized by the Powhatan people before the naming. In the end, the name is not the point, the object itself and scientific research is. Hopefully, after the name change, the eyes of the crowd will stop focusing on the name, because Arrokoth itself is full of mysteries to be solved.

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