Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey: Support for “tagging” Trump

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said today that he supports Twitter’s decision to verify the facts of two of President Donald Trump’s tweets, even though it drew strong rebukes from Mr. Trump and his allies.

On Tuesday, For the first time, Twitter tagged Mr. Trump’s “action” with a series of “tweets” that should be “fact-checking.” On Wednesday, Mr. Trump responded by saying he wanted to regulate or shut down social media companies. It was then reported that Mr. Trump would sign an executive order today aimed at cleaning up the social platforms.

In response, Twitter CEO Dossi earlier said today that he supports the company’s decision. Mr. Dorsey said Mr. Trump’s tweets could mislead people into thinking they don’t need to sign up to get a vote. In fact, only registered voters will receive ballot papers.

Several U.S. states, including California, recently announced that they would take steps to expand postal voting at the end of the year to keep voters safe. On Tuesday, Mr. Trump sent two “tweets” attacking the way he casts his ballot, arguing that Democrats would use it to “defraud voters.”

Hours later, Mr. Trump’s tweets were labeled “fact-checking” on Twitter, arguing that Mr. Trump’s unconfirmed claim that mailing ballots would lead to voter fraud.

Dorsey’s announcement came shortly after the White House announced that Trump would sign an executive order thursday on social media companies.

The draft executive order shows that Mr. Trump will order a reassessment of a law designed to protect companies such as Twitter, Facebook and Google, section 230 of the Communications Code Act, which has protected social media companies from being held accountable for content posted by users.

Analysts say such a change could expose technology companies to more lawsuits. In response to the executive order, Mr Trump said on Twitter today: “This is going to be a big day for social media and fairness! “