Goodness can help people live longer, study says

Daniel Fesssler, director of the Bedari Institute for Goodness at the University of California, Los Angeles, tries to study the concept of kindness from a scientific perspective, a psychological and biological perspective of positive and positive interactions between people. The good includes all thoughts, feelings and beliefs about behavior that benefits others, Says Fessler.

Kindness is the ultimate goal of benefiting others, not as a means to the ultimate end.

Goodness can help people live longer, study says

Kelli Harding of Colombia referred to a rabbit experiment in which researchers found that one group of rabbits was in particularly good condition and everyone wanted to know why. It turned out that the researcher in charge of caring for the rabbits was a very kind person.

Kindness helps increase the body’s immune system, lowers blood pressure, and helps with longevity and health, she says. These findings are all related and do not represent a causal link.

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