SpaceX and NASA manned space launches could be delayed again due to weather conditions

SpaceX is scheduled to launch its first manned space flight on Wednesday,media BGR reported. If scheduled, the launch would be the first manned launch of a U.S. spacecraft since the end of the space shuttle program in 2011. However, due to bad weather, Wednesday’s scheduled launch was pushed back to Saturday’s backup launch window. Weather observations showed that certain conditions were not within its acceptable limits, forcing the task to be postponed.

SpaceX and NASA manned space launches could be delayed again due to weather conditions

That’s bad news for both SpaceX and NASA. Unfortunately, it now looks like the weather won’t get any better on Saturday. In fact, it could end up worse. The U.S. Air Force’s 45th Weather Squadron reported a 40 percent chance of favorable weather conditions during Saturday’s launch window, CNN reported. Before Wednesday’s launch was called off, the weather had a 50 percent chance of a safe launch.

The official weather report that determines whether a mission can be launched is based on rules related to wind speed, precipitation and the type of cloud cover in the area. If any of these readings exceed the safety limit, the rules are broken and the launch does not go as planned.

“A frontal boundary is pushing across the Appalachian Mountains, and the weather ahead will begin to affect the Atlantic states. The front bound will continue to move eastwards on Saturday, bringing the early front albed to the Atlantic ocean and pushing the subtropical high-pressure ridge axis south of the spaceport,” the report said. “This will impede inland winds of sea breezes on the east coast, keeping any afternoon convective weather near the coast,” he said. In addition, any tropical developments in the coming days will remain east of the open Atlantic Ocean on long-range guidance. The main concern is the rules of the crucified cloud and cumulus associated with the afternoon convection through precipitation flights. “

NASA and SpaceX have several windows that could launch a second demonstration mission for a manned Dragon spacecraft. The first is Saturday, the next is Sunday. Unfortunately, these two dates currently have only a 40 per cent chance of favorable weather. Whenever this mission takes place, it will be a time to make history.