Netac Announcement: The Company’s Core Basic Invention Patent Expires

Netac Announced that the company’s core basic invention patent “for data processing system for the fast lightning sub-storage method and its device” (hereinafter referred to as “99 patents”) application date is November 14, 1999. According to the relevant regulations, the expiration date of the patent term of the Company’s 99 patent is November 14, 2019.

The company’s patent operation business has a great dependence on 99 patents, the expiration of the patent will have a certain adverse impact on the company’s future operating profits.

After the expiration of the patent, the company’s existing patent infringement litigation has no impact, nor does it affect the company’s right to pursue legal liability within the legal period for infringement before the expiration of 99 patents.

Longco Science and Technology Announcement: The Company's Core Basic Invention Patent Expires

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