(funny)Thousands of people watched a paid boxing match for free through spectacles

YouTube stars KSI and Logan Paul have a paid boxing match. Many people want to watch the much-hyped event for free, so one person has come up with a simple and effective way to illegally broadcast the game for free. He streamed the game on YouTube, which was watched by about 11,000 people through his glasses.

Ironically, the preferred platform for illegal live streaming is also YouTube, where 11,000 people watch edited the show, and they may need to concentrate more than usual to determine the contestant’s movements in the spectacles. KSI and Logan Paul, who competed for the YouTube title belt, both have controversial histories on the video platform, and their past rivalry is said to have attracted large audiences.

The organizers of the boxing match, in order to fight piracy, allowed the match to be watched on a pay-per-view basis. However, disgruntled fans protested over the use and sharing of pirated video streams. While Youtube usually quickly removes such video stream links, viewing paid content through the reflective reflections of glasses shows people’s creativity and how much time they are willing to spend getting what they want.

Thousands of people watched a paid boxing match for free through spectacles

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