Does Musk’s “nuclear bomb blast Mars” idea backright?

In previous years, there had been a “grand idea” of a nuclear bomb to blow up a gap in the Himalayas, thereby changing Tibet’s climate. That’s a bit of a gimmick compared to Musk’s idea of “bombing Mars with a nuclear bomb”, which space exploration technology company (SpaceX) founder. Back in 2015, Musk proposed detonating a nuclear bomb at the poles of Mars, changing the martian climate to make it a habitable planet.

Recently, Russian space experts questioned this idea, once again make the “nuclear bomb mars” topic caused widespread concern. The prevailing view of this idea is that it is “not serious”.

10,000 nuclear bombs to transform the Martian climate?

Russia’s Tass news agency reported on the 28th, Russia’s National Space Group President Rogozin 27 in the “Solovyov live” television program, said that the United States SpaceX CEO Musk with a nuclear bomb bombing Mars idea strange and inhumane, in fact, this is the United States cover up the militarization of space, nuclear weapons into space plot. Russia has the means to respond. “Not long ago, Musk said that a nuclear bomb should be used to bomb Mars to release carbon dioxide from Mars, create a greenhouse effect, and globalize Mars,” he said. From a humanitarian point of view, the idea of nuclear bombing of Mars seems strange. Who gave him the power to destroy the planet? We know that there is a conspiracy behind this demagoguery: the United States wants to send nuclear weapons into space. We have seen this attempt. We think this is unacceptable and we will do everything we can to stop the Americans from doing this. He stressed that the deployment of weapons into space was prohibited by all laws and international law.

On May 12, Russia’s National Space Group’s executive director for future programs and research projects, Alexander Blooshenko, said in a statement that Musk’s plan to release carbon dioxide to change the martian climate by conducting a nuclear explosion at the poles would require the launch of more than 10,000 nuclear warheads. He says humans do not have the ability to influence the climate of Mars or Venus in any obvious way. Musk retweeted the message with his social account, but Musk wrote “no problem” when he retweeted it, expressing confidence in his ideas.

A long-standing crazy idea

In fact, as early as 2015, Musk came up with the idea of a nuclear bomb to bomb Mars. In an October 2015 article titled “Musk details his proposal to bomb Mars,” the US website The verge said musk wanted to produce two tiny pulses of the sun on the poles of Mars, saying in response to a question about whether it could be achieved, he said, “Yes, absolutely no problem.”

And space networks also explained the idea in detail in 2019. Four years ago, Musk discussed a strategy to make the red planet more livable: detonate a nuclear bomb at its poles, the report said. The explosion would vaporize a significant portion of the “ice cap” on Mars, releasing enough water vapor and carbon dioxide, both powerful greenhouse gases, to raise temperatures on the planet. In August 2019, he repeated his point, and he is building a space flight system to help achieve that goal.

According to Musk, by detonating a nuclear bomb on the surface of Mars and gradually releasing carbon dioxide into the Martian atmosphere, it could warm the planet into an Earth-like habitat, according to the Daily Express. Weapons of mass destruction, such as nuclear bombs, emit large amounts of thermal radiation when they explode. Heat accounts for 35-45% of the energy released by a nuclear bomb explosion, which means that huge amounts of heat form rapidly in a short period of time, which some scientists believe could be used to heat the Martian atmosphere.

In fact, the idea of launching a nuclear bomb on an object other than Earth, which existed during the Cold War, was for another purpose. On November 27, 2012, russia’s Moscow Communist Youth League newspaper published a report entitled “The United States had planned to scare the Soviet Union on the moon”, saying that at the height of the space race between the two superpowers, the United States had developed a very secret “A119 program”, known as the “feasibility study of the moon landing”. The secret plan was revealed by physicist Leonard Riffel in an interview. The United States is said to be planning to launch a nuclear bomb on the moon to carry out a powerful nuclear explosion on the moon. The U.S. action was intended not only to demonstrate U.S. leadership in space, but also to deter Soviet leaders who had won World War II. The Americans had hoped to implement the plan in 1959, but the United States feared that the launch would endanger human safety and that radioactive material could contaminate the moon. And after the Soviet Union launched the first man-made satellite, the Americans rushed to implement other “crazy plans” that eventually abandoned them.

“A less serious idea.”

While Musk is confident about plans to bomb Mars, most experts say it is unrealistic. In an interview with Rianovost, Alexander Blooshenko said 10,000 missiles with a maximum payload would be difficult to achieve because the technology for this type of bomb is still immature. He said Musk’s idea of detonating a nuclear bomb at the Poles of Mars was extreme and that it was uncertain whether the explosion would “globalize” the Martian climate and environment.

There are many doubters in the West about whether a nuclear explosion could warm up The Martian atmosphere. Britain’s Daily Express says the controversial plan is highly unrealistic because there is not enough carbon on Mars’ “polar crown.” And a study published in the prestigious journal Nature Astronomy in 2018 also showed that even if all matter is released into the atmosphere, Mars does not currently store enough carbon dioxide to warm it up. The study also shows that previous atmospheric warming models have shown that water alone does not make the climate significantly warmer; Some scientists also believe that nuclear weapons will instead lower the temperature of Mars. Michael Mann, a climate scientist at Pennsylvania State University, told U.S. News and World Report that using nuclear bombs on Mars could lead to a “nuclear winter” (similar to the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs hitting the Earth), “and that nuclear bombing actually produces a lot of dust and particles that block most of the incoming sunlight and lower the temperature of Mars.” “

SpaceX says Musk’s nuclear weapons bombing of Mars is not a serious idea. If he really wants to transform the red planet with nuclear weapons, he will have to face a lot of questioning. Many scientists and exploration advocates are concerned about any effort to transform Mars, namely whether humanity has the right to fundamentally change another world for its own purposes.