Improving intestinal health and preventing disease… New study finds more benefits of drinking coffee

A new study has found that coffee may help prevent common intestinal health problems such as gallstones, as well as beneficial gut bacteria that provide a variety of protective effects,media reported. The study, published by the Scientific Information on Coffee Institute, builds on a large number of existing studies.

The study looked at the potential health benefits of coffee, such as improving blood sugar and reducing the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

Improving intestinal health and preventing disease... New study finds more benefits of drinking coffee


The study is understood to look at the possible effects of coffee on intestinal health. The report details the link between drinking coffee and reducing the risk of gallstones, which may be partly related to caffeine in coffee beans.

The study also found that drinking coffee may also have a protective effect on pancreatitis, a painful disease in which the pancreas can become inflamed. While this may disappear within a few days, in other cases it may be chronic or even last for several years.

This beneficial effect may be due in part to the effects of coffee on gut bacteria, which can have an effect on blood pressure, dementia, heart disease, insulin and all other diseases. Coffee beans can help support beneficial gut bacteria by combining dietary fiber with polyphenols.

Coffee can also help with digestion by helping the body release pancreatic fluid, stomach acid and bile. Many coffee drinkers know that coffee can also stimulate intestinal creep and help constipation people maintain better bowel movements.