Turkey’s Giant Meteorite Fall: Direct Explosion in the Air Scene Video Exposure

According tomedia reports, Turkey local time on the evening of May 27, Turkey’s multi-terrestrial cameras recorded the scene of the suspected giant meteorite fell. Surveillance footage shows the meteorite sliding rapidly from a height, disintegrating directly in the air and exploding, shining brightly that lit up the night sky. Experts say this is a typical “meteorite fall” phenomenon.

Turkey's Giant Meteorite Fall: Direct Explosion in the Air Scene Video Exposure

It is reported that this is not a meteorite crash in Turkey. Back in 2015, a 230-kilogram meteorite exploded during the crash, dropping debris in a small town in Saricicek, southeastern Turkey.

Because the meteorites also contain rare metals and substances, and also have a high collection value, local villagers along with these meteorite fragments sold to the public, the price can be up to 40 euros (about 280 yuan).

Local villagers have profited more than 1 million euros (about 7.04 million yuan) from the sale of meteorites, some of whom use the proceeds to buy property and cars, sources said.

It is understood that meteorites enter the Earth’s atmosphere, because the presence of gases in the atmosphere will hinder their forward movement, rapid fall process will produce a large amount of heat with gas friction, combustion phenomenon. At the same time, due to meteorite wind ward-on and leeward surface of the great pressure is poor, will also lead to meteorite explosion.

So that’s one of the reasons why meteorites rarely hit the ground, often burning and exploding during the descent. However, even when it explodes in the air, meteorites still unleash extreme lym.

A meteorite falls near the city of Satka in Chelyabinsk oblast, Russia, on February 15, 2013. With a loud bang, the meteorite exploded dozens of kilometers above the ground and broke up, and the shock waves that erupted after the crash caused more than 300 houses in the area to break windows and injure more than 1,200 others. The crater at the crash site reached 6 meters.