AMD 56 generation Ryzen Zi exposure: 7nm Zen3 for two generations, 5nm Zen4 and more

Yesterday, it was reported that the amd Zen 3 architecture of the fourth generation of Ryzen will be upgraded from the 7nm process to 5nm plus, TSMC is also building an exclusive 5nm process for AMD, but the release time to be delayed some. This is a bit subversive, of course, for the players should be more excited and expected, but only one day, there are different statements.

Twitter users @MebiuW released a roadmap claiming that the current third-generation Ryzen 3000 series code-name Matisse, based on the 7nm process, Zen 2 architecture, and the next fourth-generation Ryzen code-nameVer, the architecture did upgrade to Zen 3, but the process is still 7nm, and at least the engineering sample is an enhanced version of the N7P 7nm DUV process, not the N5 5.

He pointed out that TSMC 5nm, 7nm design rules are not common, Zen 3 to replace the process is basically equivalent to a large extent to knock down the redesign, flow, expensive, not normal logic.

AMD 56 generation Ryzen Zi exposure: 7nm Zen3 for two generations, 5nm Zen4 and more

The next fifth generation of Ryzen, codenamed “Warhol” – Andy Warhol, 1928-1987, American artist, writer, rock composer, publisher, film director and producer, New York social and artistic world’s most popular star artist, known as one of the most famous figures in the 20th century art world, is an advocate and leader of Pop art.

According to the latest statement, the Warhol generation will still be a 7nm process, Zen 3 architecture, continue to support PCIe 4.0, and of course will not have DDR5 memory, and as evidence, also given a quickly deleted local roadmap:

AMD 56 generation Ryzen Zi exposure: 7nm Zen3 for two generations, 5nm Zen4 and more

Well, I know that people want to say squeeze toothpaste, feel that the Warhol generation should be temporarily increased, the reason is not known, may be that the Zen 3 architecture still has the potential to dig, and then promote, may also think that in the short term Intel will not pose too much threat in terms of technical specifications, deliberately slow down.

Later, the sixth generation of rye dragons is the legendary 5nm process, the structure also came to Zen 4, code-named “Raphael” – Raphael Sansi, 1483-1520, the famous Italian painter, “The Third After the Renaissance” of the youngest, representing the Renaissance artists in the cause of ideal beauty can achieve the peak.

Interestingly, just now in the roadmap corresponding to Rapheal, you can see the three letters “Nav”, is it the Navi GPU?

As for the reelon roadmap why there is a GPU, there is no clue, then Ryzen also want to fully integrated GPU and not limited to some APU models? Or what’s the further synergy between the CPU-GPU?