Intel removes AMD’s chief architect and appoints vice president of business units

Chip giant Intel this month poached a chief architect from rival AMD and appointed vice president of the business unit, according tomedia reports. According tomedia reports, Intel poached Ali Ibrahim, chief architect of cloud games and console SoC, who has worked at AMD for 13 years. Ali Ibrahim joined Intel this month as vice president of Intel’s architecture, graphics and software business, though Intel has not disclosed his specific role at the company.

Intel removes AMD's chief architect and appoints vice president of business units

Screenshot (from: LinkedIn)

According tomedia reports, an Intel spokesman has confirmed that Ali Ibrahim joined Intel. The spokesman told the media that they were pleased that Ali was able to join Intel in platform architecture and engineering.

Media said in the report that Intel’s poaching of Ali Ibrahim from AMD, in view of his experience working at AMD, provided valuable insights into Intel building high-end stand-alone GPUs.

Although Intel poached Ali Ibrahim from AMD, the movement of people between the two companies was not one-way, and Intel executives were poached by AMD. AMD recently appointed Dan McNamara, intel’s head of server processors, as head of the AMD EPYC brand.