Partner “big cousin”? Little Plum or Join Netflix to Create A New Comedy

Recently, it was revealed that “Little Plum” Leonardo DiCaprio or will join Netflix to join its new comedy “Don’t Look Up.” It is reported that the film was won the Oscar for best picture, best director and other five nominations of American director Adam McKay, “Big Sister” Jennifer Lawrence has been confirmed as the film’s leading actress.

“Don’t Look Up” is a black satirical comedy about two low-level astronomers who try to pass the message on to the untruthful public when they discover a meteorite that is about to destroy the planet in six months. According tomedia reports, the film will be created by Paramount and director McKay’s production company Hyperobject Industries.

Prior to that, “Little Plum” also accepted another Paramount and Apple collaboration with the new film “Flower Moon Killer” starring. Adapted from David Grann’s best-selling book of the same name, “The Flower Moon Killer” is the sixth collaboration between “Little Plum” and Martin Scorsese after “The New York Mafia” “The Flyer”, “The Confined Island” and “The Wolf of Wall Street.”

According tomedia reports, Paramount will be responsible for the production and distribution of “Flower Moon Killer”, while Apple will help fund the exclusive screening rights to Apple TV Plus. If “Little Plum” succeeds in reaching a cooperation agreement with Netflix’s Don’t Look Up, “Don’t Look Up” or will shoot before “Flower Moon Killer.”