Gartner says more than 740,000 self-driving cars will be on the road by 2023

According to gartner’s latest report, the net increase in self-driving cars worldwide will reach 745,705 by 2023, up from 332,932 in 2019 and 137,129 in 2018. These figures do not represent sales, but a net change in the number of self-driving cars.

According to the analytics firm, the growth of self-driving cars will be driven by markets in North America, Greater China and Western Europe. As the number of vehicles increases in these areas, these areas will be the first to introduce relevant technical regulations. Jonathan Davenport, chief research analyst at Gartner, explains exactly what self-driving cars are. Outside the research and development phase, he says, there are no advanced self-driving cars on roads around the world. At present, vehicles have limited self-driving capabilities and they still rely on the driver for supervision. However, many of these vehicles have self-driving hardware, including cameras, radars and, in some cases, lidar sensors that can support fully autonomous driving. With wireless software updates, these vehicles can start running at higher autonomous driving levels.

Gartner says no country has effective regulations that allow self-driving cars to operate legally. It also said the company would not deploy self-driving cars because they would be responsible for any errors and accidents that occurred. Despite the growing number of self-driving cars, the sensors needed will still cost a lot of money. Gartner says sensors will cost 25 per cent less by 2026 than they were in 2020, but they are still too expensive, meaning they will be limited to high-end models.

Gartner says more than 740,000 self-driving cars will be on the market by 2023

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