Twitter again hard-nosed Trump: German government warmly invites to move to Europe

Twitter chose to continue to take on Trump hard. Despite Mr. Trump’s repeated threats to fix Twitter and his executive order yesterday, Twitter last night relentlessly branded Mr. Trump’s tweets “glorifying violence”, further inflaming the White House’s relationship with Twitter. Once again, an angry Trump sent several tweets threatening to sanction Twitter.

Twitter again hard-nosed Trump: German government warmly invites to move to Europe

Speaking on Twitter last night about the protests in Minnesota, Mr. Trump said he would send troops to control the situation, smash the start, and start shooting. Twitter wrote in his tweet, “This tweet violates Twitter’s rules on celebrating violence.” But Twitter believes it is in the public interest to keep the tweet.” But then the official White House account retweeted the tweet, repeating The Trump shooting.

Spitting a slot, Twitter’s Chinese translator struck a snomored. “However, Twitter has has has edit it may be in public’s interest for the tweet to remain accessible. “The phrase was officially translated” but Twitter confirmed it might be in the public interest and retained the tweet. “This translation distorts the meaning of the English logo.

Clearly, despite all the support, Twitter is facing anger from the White House, and its share price has fallen this week. After tweeting earlier this week that he was labeled “need to verify the facts,” Mr. Trump yesterday issued an executive order specifically amending the Federal Communications Act’s exemption clause in the Federal Communications Act for social media such as Twitter. That means U.S. regulators could put pressure on and punish the content of these social platforms.

Twitter again hard-nosed Trump: German government warmly invites to move to Europe

Ironically, at a time when Twitter and the White House are at odds, German tech regulators have extended an olive branch to them. Thomas Jarzombek, the tech industry official at the German Economy Ministry, openly shouted to Twitter CEO Dorsey: “Invite you to move to Germany!” Here you are free to criticize the government and crack down on fake news. We have a strong entrepreneurial and technology ecosystem, your company is perfect lying here, I will open any door for you! “He also singled out Dorsey and Trump.

Headquartered in San Francisco, Twitter has 35 offices worldwide, including two cities in Berlin and Hamburg, Germany. Twitter has announced it will allow employees to work at home in the future because of the impact of the new crown outbreak. That means neither Twitter nor software talent theoretically needs to be tied to the San Francisco Bay Area, where the cost of living is high. Twitter can also hire software talent from around the world to work for itself at a lower cost.

But moving its headquarters to Europe is another matter. Europe’s Internet regulators are known to be more stringent than the US and more tax pressures. Over the past few years, European regulators have issued nearly $10 billion in sky-high fines and a digital tax on internet giants such as Google and Facebook. Despite the enthusiastic invitation of German government officials, it is almost impossible for US internet giants such as Twitter to move their headquarters to Europe.

Moreover, Mr. Trump’s executive order is not a substitute for a congressional law that is unlikely to pass the Democratic-controlled House of Representatives, and could be sued by the Internet industry, likely to be rejected by a federal district court in California, and could then go through a lengthy process of litigation and appealbefore before being struck down with the Supreme Court. Twitter doesn’t need to worry too much about Trump’s retaliatory measures. Moreover, if he loses the November election, Mr. Trump’s presidency will end on January 20.

Zheng Jun from Silicon Valley, USA