Joe Biden doesn’t like Trump’s social media executive order but still wants to repeal Section 230 of the Communications Code

A spokesman for former Vice President Joe Biden told The Verge on Friday that his campaign still wants to repeal a key Internet law that provides broad legal immunity for social media companies such as Facebook and Twitter to exempt users from content they post. Still, the campaign highlighted key differences in the executive order trump signed earlier this week.

Joe Biden doesn't like Trump's social media executive order but still wants to repeal Section 230 of the Communications Code

Earlier this year, Biden told the New York Times that Section 230 of the Communications Code Act should be “repealed immediately.” In recent days, Mr. Trump has reignited a debate about changing the basic Internet law after he first de facto checked one of his tweets on Twitter. Over the past year, Mr. Trump and other congressional Republicans have become increasingly concerned about the erroneous views of social media platforms that actively moderate against conservative online rhetoric. Mr. Trump on Thursday turned his threat into action, signing an executive order that could reduce the protection of platform liability under Section 230.

Responding to the executive order in a statement Thursday, Bill Russo, a spokesman for the Biden campaign, said, “No future Biden administration will take such a position… The First Amendment means that private companies must provide a place for the president’s lies and amplify them so that they don’t become the subject of coordinated federal retaliation. “

Still, Biden’s position on Article 230 remains unchanged. A spokesman for his campaign told The Verge on Friday that the former vice president stood by his position that the law should be repealed and that he would seek legislation to hold social media companies accountable for knowingly false information platforms. Unlike Mr. Trump, Mr. Biden’s policies are intended to lead to more restraint, not less, of false information.

In an interview with the New York Times in January, Biden said, “Article 230 should be repealed, immediately, should be repealed.” for Zuckerberg and other platforms.” He continued: “It should be withdrawn because it’s not just about an internet company. It’s promoting a lie they know is a fake. “

Last October, the Biden campaign sent a letter to Facebook and Twitter asking the platform to reject any political ads placed by Donald Trump’s campaign and to reject them if they found misleading or false ads. Twitter shut down advertisers’ ability to deliver political messages the following month. Facebook has rejected the idea of banning misleading advertising.