Sony: PS5 aims to provide the best value, but not necessarily the lowest price

Although game sales increased during the new crown virus period, the long-term impact of the new corona virus on the gaming industry is not yet clear, may cause many consumers to have no money to buy at the start of the next generation host situation. Sony recently discussed how to make the PS5 an attractive product for consumers in times of economic uncertainty.

Sony: PS5 aims to provide the best value, but not necessarily the lowest price

In an interview with, SIE CEO Jim Ryan called the gaming business a business that has “historically benefited from difficult economic times.”

“It’s very quite true that people don’t have the money to go out, so they have to stay at home. No one knows what this recession will look like, how far-reaching it will be, and how long it will last. It is possible that historical templates and historical models that were applied in the past may no longer be applicable in the future. “

Ryan says the best thing Sony can do to cope with the current economic situation is to provide “the best possible value proposition”.

“That doesn’t mean the lowest price. Value is the combination of many things, put here, means the game, means the number of games, depth, breadth, quality, price and so on. All of these things and how they take advantage of the full suite of capabilities of the platform. “

In mid-April, Bloomberg reported that Sony plans to produce “very few” PS5 launches than the PS4 because of the high pricing of the console. Sony’s pricing of the PS5 is difficult because of a shortage of components that has led to increased production costs.