Audi’s high-tech automotive division: will quickly launch pioneer EV to market

Audi has created a new business unit called Artemis to bring electric vehicles (EVs) equipped with highly automated driving systems and other advanced technologies to market more quickly, according tomedia reports — the latest effort by the German carmaker to become more flexible and competitive. At this stage, the traditional automotive industry has been working on how to bring new and innovative products to market faster to meet the ever-changing needs of consumers.

Audi's high-tech automotive division: will quickly launch pioneer EV to market

Audi’s new division will operate more like that of Tesla or a consumer electronics company.

Audi CEO Markus Deesmann said in a statement Friday that Artemis’ first project will be to quickly develop a pioneer model for Audi. The division aims to design and produce what the company calls “efficient electric vehicles” as early as 2024.

Artemis will be led by Alex Hitzinger, who has been in charge of Audi’s Self-Driving Smart Driving (AID), a self-driving subsidiary set up in 2017 to develop self-driving car technology for Volkswagen Group. AID has now been re-admitted to Argo AI’s European headquarters, where VW has invested $2.6 billion in the self-driving start-up.

Hitzinger, who will take up his post on June 1, will report directly to Duesmann. Artemis will be based at the INCampus Technology Center in Ingolstadt, Germany.

Artemis is a company owned by Audi, but its goal is to benefit other brands owned by its parent company, Volkswagen Group. Hitzinger and other members of his team will receive resources and technology for the entire Volkswagen Group, such as Software, the unit of the Volkswagen Group, which will provide digital services to Artemis.

“The obvious question is how do we apply additional high-tech benchmarks without compromising the manageability of existing projects, while taking advantage of new opportunities in the market,” Duesmann said. “