Burning Money Drain: Replica “Shake” Zynn in The App Store

ByteDance’s TikTok short video app has welcomed a new competitor named Zynn in the international market. By spending money on subsidies, this “soul-resuscitation” version of the short video app quickly became a top-notch addition in the App Store. Media reported that Zynn cloned almost every button of The TikTok, opting to pay users to boost video viewing and pull new drainage modes.

Mashable points out that Zynn launched the app in early May and is now the number one free app in the apple app Store, and has also made the top 10 in the Google Play Store.

Zynn’s interface is almost entirely inscribed with TikTok’s design style, and both are featured in the vertical version of the short video experience.

(Zynn screenshot)

The biggest difference is that you’ll see a dollar ($) sign in the middle of the timer, which means that current users can get platform subsidies by swiping video.

Clearly, older players, represented by TikTok, are facing more intense competition in the short video industry, with platforms paying high customer costs in order to pull new.

(TikTok screenshot)

Zynn, like TikTok, can be viewed on screen, but if you want to be rewarded, you must register an account and submit some personal information to Zynn — such as binding Google, Facebook, Twitter or phone numbers.

TheVerge editor Jacob Kastrenakes chose to refuse to share contact information when linking to a Google account, and Zynn was not allowed to continue to register with the account (recommended non-important / virtual number association registration) and must eventually contact the PalPay account to withdraw cash.