Foreign media: Microsoft plans to replace the UK website news editor with AI

Microsoft has decided to replace its news site’s editorial team with AI software, the Guardian reported. On Thursday (28th local time), pa Media reportedly was told to be fired within a month after Microsoft decided to stop manually selecting, editing and curating news stories on its home page on MSN’s website and Microsoft Edge browser.

One fired editor said the decision to replace the worker with AI was risky because existing employees on Microsoft’s website were careful to follow “very strict editorial guidelines” to ensure that violent or inappropriate content was not displayed to users when the browser was opened, especially for younger users.

Media: Microsoft plans to replace the UK website news editor with AI

The editor of Microsoft’s website does not interview himself, the main content is to select other media reports, according to the format of Microsoft website and the tone of editing content and titles. After the reports were released, Microsoft shared advertising revenue with the original media.

Like other news organisations, the British Press Association has faced serious financial challenges, forced some employees to take time off and asked others to take pay cuts, and recently acquired the photography company Alamy to expand its traditional news business.