Google’s Stadia Pro members double the number of free games in June

In addition to regular membership services, Google’s online cloud gaming platform, Stadia, also offers pro members who give away free games every month. Starting June 1, the stadia Pro members will have a number of new free games in their library, including the yet-to-be-released PC version of the Iron Dragon Remake.

Google's Stadia Pro members double the number of free games in June

Prior to that, Google gave Pro users three games a month. Perhaps the popularity has declined in recent times, so the number of games given away doubled in June! New games that Google’s Staida Pro members can play for free in June are: Iron Dragon Remake, Fighting Game Dinosaur Team: Battle of Energy, Get Packed, Action Adventure Game Little Nightmare, and Hot. In addition to the above games, from June 16th, The Upgood Scrolls Online will also open to Pro users free of charge.

It’s worth noting in the above game that “Dinosaur Team: Battle of Energy” is about to add a new character through the third season update, and the first to support cross-platform combat work across the five platforms (STEAM, PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and Stadia), so the number of online combat players should be guaranteed.

In addition, the new game free means last month’s game out of the free ranks, such as Turing Test, Steam World Robbery and Zombie Force 4: Death War, three games for those who have just joined the Pro since June.