Trump has spoken to Zuckerberg about free speech on social media, both sides say it’s productive

U.S. President Donald Trump and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg had a call on Friday, which both sides said was productive,media agency Axios reported. It was not immediately clear what the two sides had communicated. In the context of “Twitter,” the relationship between Facebook and Trump has always been cautious.

Trump has spoken to Zuckerberg about free speech on social media, both sides say it's productive

Zuckerberg wrote in a post Friday.

I’ve been struggling all day about how to respond to the president’s tweets and posts. Personally, I have deep antipathy to this divisive and inflammatory remark…. But I have a responsibility to react, not only in my personal capacity, but also as a leader of an institution committed to free expression.

I strongly disagree with the way the president is speaking, but I think people should be able to look at it for themselves, because it is only when the speech of those in power is subject to public scrutiny that they can be held ultimately accountable.

Mr. Trump this week tweeted on Facebook and Twitter that the postal ballots were “fraudulent” and threatened to send the National Guard to quell the protests in Minneapolis. “From the beginning of the robbery, the shooting began,” he said. “。 Twitter has labeled Trump’s tweets about mailing ballots and his tweets about Minneapolis glorifying violence.

Facebook still retains two of Trump’s posts. Mr Zuckerberg said on Thursday that he did not think social networks should be “truth-makers” and that people should see “what politicians say.” Zuckerberg said in a blog post that the post about the Minnesota protests did not violate Facebook’s policy.