Hacking group “Anonymous” reveals U.S. police crimes, attacks Mingzhou police station

┬áJune 1 (UPI) — The Minneapolis Police Department’s website began to show signs of being hacked late Saturday, local time, according tomedia reports. A few days ago, a video purportedly from the hacking group Anonymous said it would retaliate against the death of George Floyd after being “crushed” by white police officers during his arrest.

Hacking group "Anonymous" reveals U.S. police crimes, attacks Mingzhou police station

Protesters in cities across the United States took to the streets on Saturday to protest police violence against blacks. The Minneapolis Police Department and the City of Minneapolis’s website are temporarily inaccessible.

By Sunday morning, these pages sometimes ask visitors to submit “verification codes” to verify that they are not robots. This tool is used to slow down hackers’ attacks on websites.

Officials with the Minneapolis Police Department and the city government did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

On May 28, the hacker group Anonymous posted a video on its Facebook page targeting Minneapolis police, accusing them of having a “terrible record of violence and corruption.”

The speaker, wearing a hoodie and mask, ends the video by saying, “We do not trust you, a corrupt organization, to do justice, so we will expose many of your crimes to the world.” “We are a group. Wait and see. “

The video was viewed nearly 2.3 million times on Facebook over the weekend. During this period, protesters clashed with U.S. police law enforcement and the National Guard, and violence swept across the United States.

Some demonstrations turned into riots. Curfews have been imposed in some cities, and police sometimes use rubber bullets and sticks against activists and journalists covering the protests. (Chenchen)