Trump has spoken to Zuckerberg: Communicating free speech issues on social media

WASHINGTON, June 1 (UPI) — U.S. President Donald Trump spoke with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg on Friday, according tomedia reports. It comes at a time of growing divisions between Mr. Trump and social media companies over free speech. It’s unclear exactly what issues Mr. Trump and Mr. Zuckerberg discussed, but both sides said the conversation was productive.

Trump has spoken to Zuckerberg: Communicating free speech issues on social media

A White House spokesman declined to comment. Representatives for Facebook have yet to respond.

Mr. Trump this week tweeted on Facebook and Twitter that the postal ballots were “fraudulent” and threatened to send the National Guard to quell the protests in Minneapolis. “From the beginning of the robbery, the shooting began,” he said. “。

Twitter has labeled Trump’s tweets about mailing ballots and his tweets about Minneapolis glorifying violence.

Facebook still retains two of Trump’s posts. Mr Zuckerberg said on Thursday that he did not think social networks should be “truth-makers” and that people should see “what politicians say.” Zuckerberg also said in a blog post on Friday that the post about the Minnesota protests did not violate Facebook policy.

“I strongly disagree with the president’s comments on this, but I think people should be able to look at it on their own, because it is only when the statements of those in power are subject to public scrutiny that they are ultimately held accountable,” he said. Zuckerberg said.

The move comes as Mr. Trump signed an executive order on Friday cracking down on “censorship” on social media sites. Mr. Trump’s move is widely believed to have been prompted by Twitter’s warning label of his tweets.

In response, tech industry groups have attacked the executive order, saying it would lead to a crackdown on free speech that would not do the desired effect of Mr. Trump’s protection of speech. (Book)