Apple temporarily shuts down some Apple Stores in U.S. amid concerns about robbery

Apple inc. decided to temporarily close some of its newly reopened Apple Stores across the U.S. on Sunday as a measure to protect its retail employees from protests,media reported. Apple Stores across the United States were attacked saturday night by opportunistic robbers who were willing to break into retail stores to steal Apple products. Protests have taken place in more than 30 U.S. cities following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and more stores are expected to be attacked on Sunday.

Apple temporarily shuts down some Apple Stores in U.S. amid concerns about robbery

Apple is closing some Of Store stores as a precaution, and the incident continues, 9to5Mac reported. “Given the health and safety of the team, we have decided to continue closing some stores in the United States on Sunday,” Apple said in a statement on its store page. “

Accounts and social media images of the looting showed people forcing their way into the store, snatching demonstration equipment and nearby boxed stock before leaving the store. The attack took a heavy toll on Apple Store glass stores, with some Apple Store stores, such as the Hennepin Avenue store in Minneapolis, closed indefinitely for extensive repairs.

Other stores that were looted and attacked Friday and Saturday night include the Apple Store in Portland, Oregon, Scottsdale, Arizona, Philadelphia, and Pioneer Place in Washington, D.C.

In preparation for protests and to stop looting, many stores have taken the goods away and boarded windows to limit losses. Thieves who steal demo devices also find that their role is limited, as they are disabled and tracked when they are outside the store.

The closure would be another blow to Apple’s reopening of the Apple Store. Apple announced on May 26that it plans to reopen 100 Apple Store stores in the US, bringing the total number of stores it has opened in the US to 132, almost half of all its U.S. stores.