U.S. state antitrust probe into Google to expand to search and Android

Foreign media CNBC reported Thursday that 50 U.S. state attorneys general will expand their antitrust investigation spree against Google, in addition to advertising, the company’s Android and search operations. Last September, attorneys general in almost all U.S. states announced that they would participate in an antitrust investigation against Google led by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton.

U.S. state antitrust probe into Google to expand to search and Android

Paxton said at the time that the investigation was focused on Google’s advertising business because the company “dominates all aspects of Internet advertising and internet search.” “But it looks like their investigation will expand, and officials will begin investigating whether the company has taken antitrust measures against search and Android software products.”

“Currently, multi-state surveys are only for online advertising; A spokesman for the Texas attorney general told CNBC.

The Attorney General’s Union will soon ask Google for information about its search and Android services, CNBC reported. Google declined to comment.

In September, when state attorneys general first announced their investigation into Google, Google’s senior vice president of global affairs wrote in a blog post: “Over the years, we have answered many questions about these issues in the United States and abroad. He continued: “We have been working constructively with regulators and we will continue to do so.” “

The European Commission has investigated Google’s business practices in these areas and has previously fined the company a record $5 billion for arguing that it used Android phone software to hinder competition.

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