Astronomers’ new theory suggests that the cigar-shaped strange object is an interstellar hydrogen iceberg

The exact nature of the strange interstellar object “Um Amaaaa” remains a mystery. There have long been ideas, but now astronomers at Yale and the University of Chicago suggest that this is a whole new type of celestial body: hydrogen icebergs. The interstellar object “Um Amaaa” was discovered after orbiting the sun in 2017, and based on its trajectory it quickly determined that it was not from the solar system, which spent millions of years in intergalactic space, the object passed only near us.

But its origins are not unique. Unlike most asteroids and comets in their circular shape, UmAm Amoamya is a cigar-shaped, estimated to be about 900 feet (274 meters) long, rolling in space and plunging into space. Even more curiously, astronomers also observed that it was accelerating as it left the solar system.

All this makes it different from anything we’ve ever seen. So what exactly is it? The most obvious answer is that it’s a comet or an asteroid, but that doesn’t explain all the weirdness, and if it’s a comet, the gas could be released from below the surface as the sun warms up, accelerating it. So why is it so long?

It may be more like an asteroid, a fragment of a planet that is torn to pieces because of its close contact with a star. This explains the shape in which it is elongated. But it still leaves some unsolved mysteries. Astronomers even checked to make sure it wasn’t some kind of alien spacecraft broadcasting radio signals.

Now, according to researchers at Yale University and the University of Chicago, this could be a hydrogen iceberg. This explains all the weird features of “Om Amuamha”. The idea is that in the dense core of the deep-space molecular cloud, the temperature may become so low that hydrogen condenses into solids. Then these icebergs will drift in space for millions of years until they happen to pass near stars like ours.

As um Amora aminepasses near the sun and receives its heat, the melting hydrogen rapidly boils off the ice, providing the observed acceleration, while also allowing “Um Amamoama” to shrink to its strange, elongated shape, like a bar that soap becomes thin after multiple use in a shower.

Currently, Umam Amaa has overtaken Saturn’s orbit as it flies out of the solar system.

Astronomers' new theory suggests that the cigar-shaped strange object is an interstellar hydrogen iceberg