Statistics show that the Galaxy S20’s sales are not comparable to the iPhone 11

The worst thing about the Galaxy S20 is the price when the world’s cheapest new iPhone costs $699. Samsung somehow thinks it’s perfectly acceptable to sell the most affordable version of the Galaxy S20 for $999, and hopes it will make a fortune. As it turns out, the phone is too expensive for most people to have much impact on Apple’s sales. In fact, the iPhone 11 was the world’s most popular phone in the first quarter of this year, and even the competition didn’t show up.

Apple sold 19.5 million iPhones in the first three months of this year, replacing the world’s best-selling iPhone XR, according to Omdia, a market research firm.

Of these, the iPhone 11 sold 6 million more units than the iPhone XR. Samsung’s Galaxy A51 ranks second in the world with 6.8 million units, while Xiaomi is third and fourth. The Redmi Note 8 and note 8 Pro sold 6.6 million and 6.1 million units, respectively. In the top 10, Apple has four more phones in the top 10, with the iPhone XR, iPhone 11 Pro Max and iPhone 11 Pro in fifth place (4.7 million), sixth (4.2 million) and eighth (3.8 million).

The Galaxy S20 plus 5G is the only Galaxy S20 version to appear on the Omdia chart, coming in ninth with 3.5 million units. According to Elec, the Galaxy S20 sold a total of 8.2 million units in the quarter. If you add up the iPhone 11 sales for that period, it will eventually sell 27.5 million units, an impressive number for a phone that went on sale last September.

The Galaxy S20 didn’t go on sale until mid-February, so it didn’t enjoy a full season of sales. And the coronavirus epidemic has undoubtedly hurt sales. In the first quarter of 2019, Samsung sold 10.3 million units of the Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus, and the Galaxy S10 series was launched in the middle of the quarter, Elec said.

But the Galaxy S20 is unlikely to perform better, given the high entry price. Since then, Samsung has cut prices on all Galaxy S20 models to offer better deals in an attempt to boost sales. But the COVID-19 crisis in the second quarter was worse than in the first quarter, with millions of people out of work around the world. However, The consolation for Samsung is that the Galaxy S20 Plus 5G is the world’s best-selling 5G phone.

Statistics show that the Galaxy S20's sales are not comparable to the iPhone 11